Ending Domestic Violence

Every person deserves to live a life free from violence and abuse.

Domestic violence effects individuals in our community - regardless of age, economic status, sexual orientation, gender, race, or religion. We can break the silence.

In the Utah Legislature, I'll promote:

  • Developing and keeping up-to-date anti-bullying, anti-discrimination, and internet safety programs in public education.

  • Policies creating a culture where domestic and sexual violence are not tolerated.

  • Educating children to recognize physical and sexual abuse, engaging children to learn safety strategies and empowering children to report abuse.

  • Ensuring all children under the age of 18 have access to public resources including housing, if they are abandoned by their families for any reason.

Did you know?

  • In Utah, 39.6% of women and 19.6% of men report experiencing physical violence, rape, and/or stalking in their lifetimes.

  • Approximately one intimate partner-homicide is committed every month in Utah.

  • Every year approximately 80 Utah children witness the murder or attempted murder of their mother.

  • In Utah, 1 in 10 children in Utah will be sexually abused before they turn 18.

  • In Utah, both boys and girls are sexually abused almost equally. Statistics indicate that 54% of reported child sexual abuse victims are girls and 46% are boys.

  • 90% of the time a child will be abused by someone in their circle of trust, not a stranger.

  • Child sexual abuse costs Utah taxpayers approximately $1 billion annually.


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