Business and Job Opportunities

Utah small businesses need continued support by the legislature.

We need a supportive business climate for continued job and economic growth.

Did you know, in 2019 Utah was name the most entrepreneurial state by Amazon?

You can download more Utah rankings here: Governor's Office of Economic Development

As a Utah Legislative body, we need to:

  • Determine how much financial support is needed for small businesses and the self-employed who lost out on Federal and State relief payments and were forced to close or go into bankruptcy due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Those businesses need help to recover too.

  • Establish sensible financial incentives not only bring jobs to Utah and to our community, but also retain those business.

  • Support Hi-Tech expansion and commercial development of Utah's Prison site.

To read more about the Hi-Tech Industry's impact,

you can read more from the University of Utah.

Support Research, Education and Innovation in High Tech: Solar energy, aerospace, life sciences, defense, and internet infrastructure.

  • Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, I supported incentives flexible work schedules, work from home policies, and increasing the number of online remote workers. Now its even more important to encourage and understand how businesses are impacted while taking advantage of work from home policies.

  • Let's ensure our Police and Firefighters are fairly compensated and reduce turnover.

  • Promote International Trade focused on increasing exports for small businesses.


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