Tackling Budget and Tax Policies

My professional experience in business and tax will lend a voice for our citizens in any tax reform legislation proposed. Utah should maintain a fiscally responsible state government where tax policies don’t burden economically disadvantaged individuals and small service based businesses.

Did you know? All state revenues taxes on intangible property and income tax must be used to support public and higher education.

  • We should protect Education Funding.

  • The Utah House Revenue and Taxation Committee needs to take a hard look at the overall taxing system, the income and sales tax rates, and rebalance income, sales and property taxes creating a sensible tax system which considers growth, inflation and fairness. It's hard, but achievable.

  • We need to fight and end regressive sales tax policies on food purchased at grocery stores and end the broad based implementation of sales tax on services.

  • Let's remove Social Security Income from Utah's income tax.

To see some of my answers to the 2019 Tax Referendum, go here: Utah 2020 Elections.

  • Promote a simple straight forward Tax Structure.

  • Continue Utah’s tradition of a balanced budget.

  • Increase funding for tax compliance and tax collection programs:

Target Sales Tax Collection by Remote (Out-of-State) Sellers

Target Use Tax compliance

On the Ballot Nov 3.

Since tax reform failed, lawmakers

introduced a Utah constitutional change essentially expanding the definition of "education" allowing revenues from taxes on intangible property or from income taxes to fund not only education, but to support children and individuals with a disability.


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