These Groups are Supporting my Campaign.


The UEA is an affiliate of the three million-member National Education Association, America’s oldest and largest organization committed to advancing the cause of public education. Organized in 1860 with a stated purpose of “establishing a society for promoting the educational interests of the community.” 

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The Utah Cultural Alliance recognizes Utah culture’s transformative power. A Utah that values its cultural industries. A Utah that prioritizes their support through robust public and private investment in programming and lifelong cultural education.

The Utah ERA Coalition educates Utah citizens about the Equal Rights Amendment and its importance in providing a strong legal foundation for constitutional protection against sex discrimination.  

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The Women's Democratic Club of Utah encourages women to seek public office, offers of forum for vigorous discussion of key issues advocates balanced, open and accountable government and works for equal rights and equal protections under law for all.


Utah Democratic Party Issue Caucus endorsements include:

   »   Environmental, dedicated to being protective stewards of our            ecologically rich and diverse lands.

   »   Healthcare, educating people about and to influence                   

        legislation pertaining to health care.

   »   Education, advocating for the future by supporting education            today.

   »   Womens, dedicated to increase the number of women involved          in the political process as Democratic voters and candidates.

   »   Stonewall,  dedicated to securing  the equal human rights

        guaranteed to all citizens by the Constitution.


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