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JoyLyn Densley

"I have known Cathy for over 11 years and I’m pleased to endorse her. I have worked closely with her over the years, her drive to succeed is above none other. She is determined and extremely capable of fulfilling her goals while helping her employees, colleagues, family and friends succeed.

Cathy is a force to be reckoned with on mental health services. She understands first hand the importance of good and affordable health care and will advocate at length for increasing the services for mental health.

She is a proponent of better education for our children, especially during this wave of uncertainty. Every child should have a chance to be successful and every teacher should have the supplies and support they need to teach our children."


Kirsten Woods

"Catherine is a problem solver. Time and again, Catherine has dug into complex and challenging Accounting issues or faced Tax related challenges, only to solve them and help strengthen and build up many small businesses throughout Utah.

One of the things I cherish most about her is her passion about people and the impact of her work wherever she goes.

She is the best candidate to be the one who stands up and fights for our community, for a better tomorrow, to bring about the change so desperately needed. Vote for Catherine."


Jay Zynczak

"I am endorsing Catherine Voutaz as Representative for House District 52. She is the best candidate for the job and will be an exceptional representative of the people of Herriman, Riverton, and South Jordan.

Catherine and I have worked together at three different Utah companies over the past decade. She is a strategic thinker and a problem solver, and was a valued member of the executive team who brought insight and common sense to our everyday business decisions. Catherine’s business skills went far beyond her role in finance; she was and is an astute and creative thinker whose talent for finding solutions to difficult business challenges paved the way to many successes.

Catherine can and will bring her business acumen and common sense problem solving skills to her role as the representative of the people of House District 52 and she will do so by putting the priorities and needs of your community first."


Trey Edwards

"I'm giving my personal endorsement to Catherine Voutaz, Candidate for Utah House District 52. I have known Catherine for over 2 years and collaborated with her on organizations including the Utah Suicide Prevention Coalition, the Salt Lake Suicide Prevention Coalition, and Healthy Herriman.

Catherine's passion for Suicide Prevention and overall Mental Health Awareness is an empowering addition in my life and will definitely serve individuals and communities throughout her District and the State of Utah."


Laurie Johnson

"Voting wisely has never been so important as it is at this time. That is why I can say without hesitation I will be voting for Catherine Voutaz. In the years that I have had the privilege of knowing Cathy I have seen her walk gracefully through difficult trials. She demonstrates kindness, empathy and compassion as she tirelessly serves those in need. Her life experience has seasoned and prepared her for this opportunity to serve in our community. "

She has already proven her ability to foresee needs we have in our community and provided opportunities for everyone to connect to helpful resources to aid us in our various challenges.

Her intelligent approach to solving some of the Major problems our community faces gives me confidence and hope. WE WILL HAVE a brighter, healthier and more stable environment to reside in if Cathy is elected. She will make sure of it. "


Scott Allen

"I have known Catherine for several years as a business associate and a friend.

She is a person of high integrity and moral character, fully capable of navigating difficult business and personal situations to the best outcome possible for those involved.

She has a positive attitude, is a team player and is willing to go the extra mile to ensure success.

Catherine is passionate about making Utah a great place to live and work. Utah will benefit greatly if she is elected to serve."

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